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About the brand

An UNU headwear piece isn’t just an accessory — it’s a modern wardrobe staple.



It all started with two lifelong friends, Elena and Julia, and their dream to create a versatile and functional headpiece for a city dweller on the go. Both founders had extensive careers in fashion and expert knowledge of the inner workings of a clothing brand. With that, UNU — Urban Nation Uniforms — was born.

First, there was a hood. The founders wondered, why attach it to a hoodie when you can wear it by itself with literally anything? The durable, weatherproof materials and meticulous design were key to the hood’s early success.

The quilted scarves were created second with elaborate hairdos in mind. ‘I want to immediately ruin my fresh blowout’, said no one ever — and thanks to UNU’s headscarves, you don’t have to. One of the brand’s most elevated and fashion-forward pieces, the weatherproof quilted headscarf is loved by trendsetters and style icons alike. For those who love a cozy hug of a knit hat, UNU has the warmest, softest, and snuggest hats of all shapes and sizes for the harshest of weathers.

What’s next? UNU is on set to become a one-stop shop for all headwear regardless of the season. The brand is planning on expanding its product line and experimenting with durable and high-tech fabrics to keep you cool in summer. Stay tuned for new launches with UNU’s email campaign.

With any UNU piece, you’ll get an unmatched level of comfort and quality that they pride themselves on. Every button, snap, and fabric choice is very intentional. It usually takes several prototypes to achieve the perfect result that ends up on that gorgeous head of yours.

UNU also believes in slow fashion — small batches, family-owned factories, and minimal fabric waste. They’re constantly improving their sustainability efforts and striving to make a difference with recycled fabrics and fair labor practices.

With UNU, you won’t have to compromise on looks, comfort, quality, or durability. UNU creates headpieces you’ll love to wear.

Let's be unu-ited! 


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